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Changes Personal Fitness Training

Changes Personal Fitness Training

Location: Salisbury

Telephone: 07799 563782

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One 2 one Personal Training or Group Training (share the cost with like-minded friends or family), whichever suits you - I'm here to help! I am a fully insured and qualified trainer (YMCA - CYQ to REPS Level 3) and can offer assistance with all of the following...

  • Exercise and Nutrition
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Marathon/ Triathlon Training
  • Fitness 50's + age groups
  • GP Referred clients
  • Winter Sports Holiday Preparation

Changes PFT covers a 30 mile radius of Salisbury... including Amesbury, Andover, Blandford, Devizes, Ringwood, Shaftesbury, Southampton, Tidworth, Warminster, Wilton, Winchester.

Client Testimonials

Mike has helped take my fitness to levels I could never dream of reaching with interesting, challenging and fun workouts. Having reached my 50's I had almost accepted that my state of fitness would not improve, how wrong was I! Thanks Mike. Debbie Moran

Mike has shown me the path to follow as regards being healthier and fitter. My energy levels have increased dramatically since using Mike's services and I now feel as though life is far easier to cope with which is vital what with 3 young children to bring up. Susan Chilworth