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Anything But Grey PT

Anything But Grey PT

Location: Knaresborough

Telephone: 07771 896 330

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After long career in mental health, I ran a couple of marathons and re-trained for my current role. I started walk/jogging at a local RaceforLife 10 years ago and, much to my surprise, just didn't stop running (and have now completed a couple of marathons). My philosophy is definitely "never say never" and I believe no-one is too unfit or unhealthy to achieve their goals.


  • BA, MSc, MA/CQSW (previous mental health career)
  • L3 Personal Trainer (inc. L3 Nutrition for Weight Management award)
  • L3 Pilates Instructor
  • Run England Running Leader
  • Racercise Instructor (affiliated to Cancer Research UK and RaceforLife)
  • Smoking Cessation Advisor


The clue is in my name "Anything But Grey" Personal Training (please see my website for more details). We may have a few grey hairs, but we are Anything But Grey! Most of my clients are over 40, but I definitely don't make unnecessary allowances on the basis of age and my expectations are always high.

Client Testimonials

Please see my website for Client Testimonials.