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Total Endurance

Total Endurance

Location: Stevenage

Telephone: 07989 831 042

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Personal Training is all about the individual. Once your specific needs and abilities are identified I will construct an effective exercise programme. I want to improve my client's lifestyle from a fitness perspective, and I have the experience to work with all levels from new starts to experienced athletes.

Biomechanical screening is a new approach to injury prevention and conditioning. Simply, I can make you move more freely thus enhancing training.

As an England Athletics Endurance Coach I can provide structured run training and technique analysis. You will achieve a more efficient running technique, improved performance and reduced injury concerns.

Total Endurance provides a complete personal training package for the Stevenage, Hertfordshire area. I train clients within a 15-20 mile radius of Stevenage. This includes Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Royston, Knebworth, Welwyn Garden City,St Albans, and all surrounding villages.

Client Testimonials

I was required to pass a demanding fitness test for work and Brian quickly raised my fitness to a level that exceeded the test. I continue working with Brian and enjoy the variety of CV and resistance training. His expert guidance has favorably changed my body shape. Sian (2009-present)

Effective marathon training was hampered by leg muscle injuries. Brian introduced some minor technique corrections, enhanced my training schedule and introduced CORE/strength training. The result is a more efficient running style and a marked reduction with injuries. Stuart (Dec 10-Apr 10)