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Alan Gordon Health

Alan Gordon Health

Location: Cheltenham

Telephone: 07833 110364

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Alan Gordon MSc. BSc.(Hons 1st) is an advanced Biomechanist who provides personal training as one of his services. The qualifications, knowledge and expertise levels of Biomechanists in Exercise and Injury are dramatically more advanced than those of personal trainers, and Alan is the only Biomechanist who also has a First Class Honours Degree in Nutrition. There are only 18 Biomechanists in the entire UK. Alan's experience spans 45 years and he has 3 GPs, a surgeon, an osteopath, 6 personal trainers, Yoga, Pilates and fitness instructors as clients.

Viewing his website is highly recommended to fully appreciate the expertise levels involved here.The very advanced level of a Biomechanist's personal training expertise is a great surprise to many many people, who considered themselves to have received the process of personal training before from other sources. A Biomechanist's personal training service, is a much safer and dramatically more expert one. Dianna Lloyd-Hughes. BSc.(Hons 1st) Sport and Exercise Science.


  • Masters Degree – Biomechanics and Applied Human Movement
  • First Class Honours Degree - Sports Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma - Clinical Sports Therapy
  • Advanced Diploma - Clinical Stress Management
  • British Association of Sport And Exercise Sciences
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology Association
  • Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society
  • 45 years of experience in Exercise, Injury and Nutrition


  • Over 45s Exercise
  • Injury and Nutrition
  • Ladies Exercise
  • Injury and Nutrition
  • Weight Loss/Management

Because Alan is an advanced Biomechanics expert, his expertise is relevant to anything and everything that involves Human Movement, hence the variety of people on his client list.

Client Testimonials

Please see the testimonials page on the website. They range from Oxford University's Kadoorie Professor of Trauma Rehabilitation, to GPs, to Oxford Dons, to a supermarket manager to a sales representative. People from all walks of life.