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Pure Fitness Shoreditch

Pure Fitness Shoreditch

Location: Shoreditch, London

Telephone: 02077 293240

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Pure Fitness Shoreditch is a private training facility based in the heart of Shoreditch and Hoxton in fashionable East London. In 2014 and 2015 we were recognised for our ability to turn flab into fit and were voted second as one of the Best Fitness Facilities at this year’s London Lifestyle Awards! We specialise in a genius approach to health and fitness. We are not about fads we are all about function headed up by celebrity trainer Geoff Clement. Pure Fitness Shoreditch has created a 360 fitness programme that includes all areas to lead a functional healthy lifestyle specialising in stabilising your macronutrient intake pairing that with a bespoke exercise regime of both cardiovascular and strength training. We believe that in order to make genuine progress with our clients, and for it to be sustainable then we need to be methodical in our approach and understand a little bit about what makes you tick, what your fears/understandings are towards training and nutrition and to build a solid plan together that is going to give you the best results.