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Fitness For Mind

Fitness For Mind

Location: Central London

Telephone: 07474 136863


As a trauma sensitive personal trainer, I am passionate about health and fitness and have a great deal of enthusiasm for helping people coping with the challenges of recovering from incident or developmental trauma. Having completed a medical degree in India, I have also studied for a Masters in Health and Social Care Management in England prior to completing a Level 3 Certification in Personal Training and a Nutrition Advisor's course. For the last four years, I have been working with clients suffering from varying degrees of physical and emotional trauma at the residential facility of the Khiron House Trauma Centre in Oxfordshire. This has provided me with an excellent understanding of the legacy of trauma in the body and its debilitating symptoms and I have developed considerable skills and knowledge in applying the principles of fitness to assist the patients in their healing process. I am committed to my ongoing professional development as I believe it is vital to continue to research new information and to upgrade my knowledge. I offer the following qualification portfolio to enhance my work and professional experience.


  • Bachelors of Medicine (North Gujarat University)
  • MSc Health and Social Care Management (Oxford Brookes University)
  • REPs Level 3 Personal Training and Nutrition (Premier International)
  • Level 3 Kettlebell instructor (Premier International)
  • Level 3 Circuit Training Instructor (Premier International)
  • Diploma in Holistic Massage (ITEC World)
  • Brookes' Future Leaders Course (Oxford Brookes University)
  • Traumatic Attachment and Co-Regulation: the Neurobiology of Relationship
  • An Interpersonal Neurobiological Approach Transforming Developmental Trauma into Integration and Resiliency
  • Trauma, Memory and the Restoration of One's Self


  • Trauma Sensitive Personal Training - dealing with people suffering from symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Client Testimonials

Thank you Umesh for your undivided care and attention in maintaining my fitness levels. I really appreciated that you listened to my wants and needs, and tailored a program to suit me. Knowing and understanding my past injuries and issues made it possible for you to move me in the right direction without wimping out or getting distracted. You understood that I easily got bored, so you gently encouraged me to push my limits and challenge myself. My stamina and focus improved greatly. After our training what I noticed the most was how much better I felt after exercise and it has spurred me (and my competitive parts) to do more and keep challenging myself. I look forward to challenging you to Stand Up Paddle Board core fitness session someday! Sophia, Cayman 11 Oct 2015

When I first met Umesh and heard him share his passion, commitment and expertise as a personal trainer, I sensed that he had something special to offer the clients at Khiron House. He had an ability to simply 'be there' for the clients, in a gentle, encouraging, and often light-hearted manner. I asked him to take me on as a client, and experienced first-hand his exceptional ability to support me in working through a customized training circuit at the local gym in Oxfordshire. He challenged me, answered my questions, and most of all, encouraged me to do the best that I could do every step of the way, and then affirmed me for my efforts. It was then that I told him the value of what he provided could be expanded to enhance the healing for any client working through their unresolved emotions from their traumatic past. Umesh's ability to help clients develop a stronger sense of internal resourcing enhances their ability to do the deeper work necessary for their healing. His gift of who he is combined with his customized workouts provide the essential sense of "I can" and "I don't have to do it alone" that serves as the anchor to expanded healing. Colleen DeRango, MA, LISAC, SEP. Former executive director of Khiron House; Independent trauma healing resource consultant. Colleen DeRango

Umesh has been my personal trainer for 3 months. In that time, he has used his advanced knowledge, excellent communication skills, empathy and compassion to help me transform my life. I had a catastrophic car accident 3 years ago and 7 surgical procedures since then. I came to Umesh very overweight, in pain, and unable to walk for more than 10 minutes without getting fatigued. I have now lost 35 pounds and can run on the treadmill! He was a key component in my recovery process, and his kindness and motivation are much appreciated. His passion for fitness is contagious and his workouts have changed my body in dramatic ways. He makes me excited to go to the gym. I can't recommend him enough, and he is the only trainer I would every see in the London area. Umesh is the genuine real deal. Nancy, 38, USA

I have been training with Umesh for last 5 months, and have been so impressed with his dedication to my fitness and his enthusiasm to make me fitter and healthier. I suffer from physical difficulties from birth and a recent accident that has impacted on my physical well being and Umesh has helped me every step of the way; with support, incredible knowledge and understanding. He knows what to do to help me get stronger and is gentle and kind in his approach. I could not recommend him highly enough. He is fantastic! Patricia, 33, London

I was trained by Umesh for a 3 month period. His training sessions were really comprehensive. I greatly improved my cardiovascular fitness as well as all-round strength by training the various muscle groups and we also worked on core strength and stability. The sessions were tailored to my health needs at the time. Umesh is very passionate about fitness and his training sessions were always motivating and fun. He really cares about the health and wellbeing of his clients and he is a kind-hearted, down to earth and genuine guy. I really enjoyed the training guidance I received and continue to incorporate what I learned with Umesh in my current fitness regime. Elizabeth,32, West Sussex